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Reasons to Leave

List of reasons to get "lost"

Since having first written this in 2013, I did not know that Trump could possibly be elected. For this reason among others, I decided to give up the idea of fleeing the USA. Nevertheless, what I say below still holds in many respects except that there may really no place to go. We may be better off here in the USA as opposed to elsewhere. However, I fear that the situation may in most cases be truly hopeless. Had Hillary been installed, we would have been had right away.

  1. The USA is become a police state! One can still argue the degree of severity that the police state has reached as of 2020. But, a total police state will be imposed sooner or later. Most "normal" people are still not cognizant of this.

  2. When the Government (of our Lords and Masters) drops the hammer of full tyranny in an outward manner no one knows what will happen exactly or how things will unfold, but things like FORCED VACCINES will probably be imposed. This is ongoing in various places in AmeriKa now. This is tantamount to slow execution.  If you are unclear on this, then you will have to look up this issue on your own. The vaccines almost always contain live cancer viruses that will eventually cause death by cancer if nothing else. The horrible truth is that they've been trying to cripple and kill us all along! (The G in Government is meant as an intentional swipe at the Freemason's who are the dominant force in the government of the USA) 
  3. The complacency of the American people, such as they are, is so incredibly acute and intractable that nothing but a serious whoopin' will suffice to get the message across. Such a whoopin' will involve the DEATH AND DISAPPEARANCE OF TENS OF MILLIONS! For my own part, I would strongly prefer to avoid that same fate. I suspect the same may hold true for at least a few of us. The American people have been WARNED REPEATEDLY and they just don't take warning. So, I consider that this absolves anyone who wants to try to dodge what will truly come down eventually. Catastrophic events of many kinds will occur and some are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED! In any case, only a very few will take the actual trouble to make the necessary survival preparations. I admit that getting up and fleeing AmeriKa will not guarantee anything good either. 

   Yes, it could be hopeless

This is something that needs to be discussed at some point or other. One young man commented to me that he had little or nothing. The only response I could give him was that in the situation of a large die-off (and many disappearances) there would be opportunities for foraging and salvaging. This will most likely to be the case for many catastrophe survivors in the near future. I must truthfully state that I don't really know if life will be worth struggling with as things unfold. This would tend to be more true with the increasing age of a person. 


There are all kinds of torpedoes coming at us from many different directions. It may simply be impossible to avoid all of them. This is truly an arranged "End time" of sorts. I have some longer explanation of this on my website, but that website is being systematically destroyed by "them". I am moving some of that text from that website elsewhere.

I would like to add more to this website, but the trouble is that I just can't find the time to get back to this. In any case, this site gets very few hits and it is not my main focus. It's mainly just notes for myself, but I have some useful links for you on the "Links" page.

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