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So Much for Fleeing AmeriKa!

A few years back I had intended to "Get Outta Dodge" by way of a sailboat. Fortunately one major thing changed for the better, but some other personal issues changed for the worse. That means the whole fleeing AmeriKa effort has ended for me. Another truth that has come to light for me is that there really and truly is just NO PLACE TO GO. The whole world will be subjected to one catastrophe after the other. There are many incredible and horrible things I have learned about the real reality and the future. 

The serious nature of our situation in AmeriKa will prove terminal as events unfold in my opinion. I am a FIRM BELIEVER that we are in the early stages of an ‘END TIME’. This is NOT a religious belief. I consider it something similar and have written about it on this page:

It may very well be that President Trump had a true interest in stemming the rising tide of tyranny and social-economic degeneration in AmeriKa. Since his ascension to the Presidency it has become evident that he is currently being crippled by the Deep State and the Lying Lamestream NewZmedia. I had some hope that Trump might really try to "make America great again", but it's not going to work out in my view. In fact, he seems to be deliberately doing little to stop the ruling cabal from destroying the USA (and Europe, incidentally). This kind of discussion would take considerable expansion and maybe I will try to attend to this at another time. But, the bottom line is that we are still headed for an "End Time" as stated above.

I purchased a sailboat in Ventura, CA, in May, 2015. I had pretty much committed to FLEEING AMERIKA by sailboat into the Pacific Ocean, but the whole mission is now being aborted after all this time. There have been a number of things that altered my thinking aside from nuisance level effects of aging (I'm nearly 63 now).


This whole effort may have been been a lost cause from the start, but I was looking for others who may also be interested in fleeing AmeriKa. It is still my FIRM BELIEF that things will indeed go bananas in the USA at some point soon. With the election of Trump as President I have reason to believe that the government will not act against the patriot community. I am certain that if Hillary had been installed as president we would certainly have been had, and World War 3 would very likely have happened. World War 3 can still happen, but let us hope for the best. The USA is still in grave danger, but at least Trump is buying us time. But, I honestly doubt it can be turned around the way he and so many others had hoped.

As of 2018, I am still sitting it out in Ventura harbor. But, this must change due to the expense of staying here and the certainty (in my own mind) that Kalifornia will be no place to be as the future unfolds. I am selling the boat and taking up with an old friend who is interested in creating a possible retirement community. Currently, we are considering New Mexico or Arizona. Please contact me if you have an interest in this.

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