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Marina Del Rey--

We meet the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at Burton Chase Park by the marina.  Its very easy to find.

Bring 5 bucks, have breakfast with us, and sail for the afternoon.  Really great bunch of people, and always 8-10 boats going out.   Very casual and relaxed, and a GREAT group of people.

ABC's of California Boating
CA --Information about vessels, boats and watercraft --Startup website by an unknown person
[email protected]
Please note that this mailing list is for anarchists who also happen to be sailors. If you don't say that you self-identify as an anarchist in your introduction email, you won't be moderated through. --Another startup website by an unknown person


Ecuador Expat Blogs --Blogs of various expatriots in Ecuador 

For those who need relocation or exploration assistance in Ecuador

Living elsewhere -Mainly directed at retirees going to Ecuador

Resource site for those fleeing or already there

Sailboats for sale