American Diaspora


I'm having SERIOUS TROUBLE finding some time to work on this page as I incurred FURIOUS CYBER ATTACKS attacks on my webs account! Webs is the provider for this website. I was LOCKED OUT of my account for several weeks during Aug-Sept, 2015. My primary website,,  is anywhere from difficult to impossible to edit (as of 2017). 

This page was intended to be about the sailboat I purchased in Ventura, CA, in the merry month of May, 2015. As of Winter, 2017, I am still working on the boat trying to get some shelving installed and some minor electrical upgrading. That's all a long story. 

This page has been cyber attacked as seen in the photo banner above. 

The best thing that I've seen in decades was the election of Donald Trump as President in 2016. Trouble is that he may be in over his head. He may have come under the control of the establishment. THE ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT IS GEARED TOWARD THE DESTRUCTION OF THE USA!