American Diaspora


Gettin' Outta Dodge!

Due to the serious nature of our situation in AmeriKa, I am not sure how much longer civilization will last in some functional form. I am a FIRM BELIEVER that we are in the early stages of an ‘END TIME’. This is NOT a religious belief. I consider it something different and have written about it on this page:

There may indeed have been a possibility that President Trump had a true interest in stemming the rising tide of tyranny and degeneration. However, it is possible that he is yet another controlled cog of the system. I had some hope that he might really try to "make America great again". This kind of discussion would take considerable expansion and maybe I will try to attend to this at another time. But, the bottom line is that we are still headed for an "End Time" as noted above.

I purchased a sailboat in Ventura, CA, in May, 2015. So I am pretty much committed to FLEEING AMERIKA by sailboat into the Pacific Ocean! The reason for a sailboat is that it gives flexibility in destination. One can "island hop" for instance.


Indeed, I am looking for others who may also be interested in FLEEING AMERIKA! It is my FIRM BELIEF that things will indeed go “GAGA” in the USA at some point in the not-too-distant future. My tentative plan was to sail from Southern Kalifornia to the Hawaiian islands then hang out in the neighborhood there and ASSESS THE SITUATION. If the situation on the continent is untenable, then perhaps I would set sail for the South Pacific and mill around there for a time, or maybe South America. I am open to any ideas pertaining to FLEEING AMERIKA!

As of 2018, I am still sitting it out in Ventura harbor. But, this must change due to the expense of staying here. I may go "coastal", so to speak. Ultimately, I will have to flee the continent due to pending catastrophes.

This website was hacked sometime during June, 2014, and the text on this front page was deleted. There are serious difficulties with the website builder as well on an ongoing basis.


During the of Spring, 2014, this website WAS BLOCKED REPEATEDLY!

These kinds of attacks should tell you something!